# 14 New album ‘That Was The Reason Why’. 

Available as compact disc and in digital formats. 

Listen/buy at Red Painted Red Bandcamp

Listen/buy at Zoharum Bandcamp

Buy at Cold Spring Records



# 13 New album ‘That Was The Reason Why’ coming very soon.

Human Condition
Come To Me
Field Of Life
Going Home
Bird Love

# 12 Cage 22 Compilation.

Red Painted Red track 'Late November' included on 'name your price' Cage Studio compilation album. 22 track release including Tunnels of Ah, Merzbow, Attrition, Anni Hogan. Available as download and CD.

# 11 Live.

Red Painted Red playing live. 29th August. Retro Bar, Sackville Street, Manchester 8.00pm.

# 10 Hey Dum Dum.